SIP Panels, Texas

The Panel Factory manufactures and distributes
blank SIPs, processed SIPs, home packages and a
variety of other structures.

Energy Efficient SIPs homes

Carl Franklin Homes in Dallas builds custom extreme
energy efficient houses using SIPs technology.
            Building SIPs homes in Texas

SIPs homes are an excellent choice for Texas residents for a few
reasons.  Because of the hot climate, the tight envelope created by
Structural Insulated Panels keeps your home cool in the hot summer
months without spending a ton on electricity.  SIPs can save a home
owner up to 50% on energy bills.  In addition, the Panelized method of
homebuilding has been widely embraced in the state of Texas so there
are many qualified SIPs builders in the state that can take on your
Another factor that makes building a SIPs home in TX attractive is the
fact that there are some SIPs manufacturers in the state.  This is very
beneficial because SIPs manufacturers are generally a good source of
information on the process and a good place to get the names of some
builders that use their products.  One of the SIPs manufacturers in
Texas is EH Systems in New Braunfels,
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