Shell Building Systems SIPS
When compared to traditional framing systems, SIPs are
the best alternative. SIPs are 250% stronger than
conventional stick-framing.

Custom Panelized homes in Hawaii - Multi-Faceted
Homes, Inc. provides custom Panelized Natural Redwood
and Cedar home shells.

Panelized Home systems on the Big Island -
Castleblock sells SIPs systems to contractors and
owner-builders in Hawaii.  Based in Hilo, HI.
   How are Panelized homes different in Hawaii?

Hawaii is considered a beautiful area to live, largely because of its natural
climate.  When it comes to home construction, sometimes this climate works
against the builder.  Termite infestations and moisture are more common in a
climate like Hawaii than in most areas in the U.S.  For this reason, many Hawaiian
Panelized builders prefer to use cold formed steel panels to the structural
insulated panels made from OSB.  This results in Panelized homes in Hawaii that
are structurally much stronger than traditional stick built homes.  They tend to last
longer and save money on electric bills because they are better insulated.  Here
is a link to a study on steel framing done for the Steel Framing Alliance.
Steel-Framed wall panelization methods
Panelized Home Builders in Hawaii
Structural Insulated Panels-Hawaii

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