Modular Homes-10 Reasons
Some things to consider when building a modular home

This series of tips will give you great information that will help you understand what is involved
in determining the pricing of modular homes.
10 Reasons to buy a Modular Home

1.  Modular Homes can be completed faster than site built houses.

2.  Costs Per Square Foot can be significantly less for Modular Homes.

3.  Modular construction can be Greener because building in a factory
   environment reduces waste.

4.  Modular Homes, unlike Mobile Homes are constructed to the same
   Building Code as traditional "stick built" homes.

5.  Most Modular companies allow you to design your own home.

6.  Modular Homes are not limited to single homes.  Many Multi-unit dwellings
   are now Modular.

7.  Many Modular Home dealers now offer a 10-Year Structural Warranty.

8.  Modular houses are built in controlled environments under the factory  roof
   and shipped in weatherproof wrapping.

9.  Modular Homes can be built for a guaranteed price, with no overruns.

10.  here is no difference in insuring a Modular Home from a Traditional Home.
This Modular Home Video Series gives consumers a realistic look at
what it really looks like to build a custom home.

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