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Modular Homes - Alaska
When building a modular home in Alaska you must take into consideration the area of the site you
wish to build on.  In general, modular homes in Alaska are subject to the same standards as the
International Building Code, which is the same as any site built home.  Several of the cities in Alaska
also have building codes for their particular location as well, so plans for a new modular home must
be submitted locally to the city.

For the modular home builder pages of this website I try to include only local modular home builders,
rather than manufacturers, however some people when deciding on a modular home like to contact
the factory to find the house they want, then decide on the builder later, sometimes using the builder
recommended by the manufacturer.  If you are gathering information this way for a  modular home
project in Alaska it is very important to consider your exact location when choosing a modular home
company.  Alaska is a very large state and the cost of transporting a modular home from the factory
to your building location can sometimes be a significant amount.  In general, the closer to your future
home site, the better.  This is particularly true when you are building a home that requires multiple
trucks to transport the modules.  However, if you find a company that produces modular homes that
you really like and they are reasonably close, you should still price it out and see what the costs
would be.  Sometimes there is a big difference in labor costs from one city or state to the next, so if
you live in an area in Alaska that is expensive, the transportation costs may be offset by the cost of
labor and you may be able to get your dream modular home for the same price as one from a
manufacturer that is closer.  The main thing you want to make sure of is that you are working with a
builder that has experience building modular homes in Alaska and is familiar with the regulations in
your state.

If you are a modular home builder in Alaska or know of any builders that construct modular homes
please email with a link to the company website and we will add it to
this directory.