ICFs in Georgia
Parks ICF of Georgia utilizes ICF construction for
complete foundation and advanced waterproofing

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Danmark Construction builds homes using Insulated
Concrete Forms.  Located in Conyers, GA.
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If you are a builder in Georgia that uses Insulated
Concrete Forms and would like to be listed on this
page, please email admin@modularresource.com and
include a link to your company website.
insulated concrete form builders in Georgia

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What Are Insulated Concrete Forms?
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)  are blocks or panels of
concrete, usually reinforced with rebar.  They can consist of
cement, polystyrene foam, polyurethane or sometimes cement
bonded wood fiber. One reason ICFs are considered "Green"
is that they often use a mixture of recycled wood and cement.

They are also very strong and can resist strong winds.  ICFs
are very popular in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes,
and builders and residents in the midwest have taken note of
the ability of structures built with Insulated Concrete Forms to
withstand Tornado strength winds.  In fact, ICFs have become
popular to use in construction of "tornado safe structures" for
people who live in these areas.