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Green building is one of the biggest things going on right now in the construction business.  Every day
more and more municipalities are adopting Green building practices and creating programs and
initiatives to encourage local builders and consumers to use sustainable building techniques to new
construction, as well as remodeling projects.  This section of the website will be dedicated to providing
as much timely information as possible to inform consumers and builders of the Green construction
methods and programs available.  If you are new to the concept of Green building we will soon provide a
thorough Glossary of relevant terms related to "green", or "sustainable" building.  In addition we will be
providing resources to help you make an informed decision about how you can make your new home
National Green Building Programs
This section contains links to Federal government programs that encourage Green building by offering
incentives or standardized certifications to reward manufacturers, builders, and consumers for using
energy-saving practices and technology and sustainable building design and materials.  Check back
often and email if you know of any programs you would like to see added.
How Green is your state?
This section will allow visitors to the site to search their individual state for Green building resources.  
Included will be incentives and programs and other useful links for each state. We will also include links
to certified green builders and lenders in each state, as well as upcoming Green Building Expos and
Green Resources

National Programs

State Programs

Glossary of Green Terms

Green Mortgages

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