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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
SIPS Builders              SIPS Manufacturers
Panelized Homes have become increasingly popular because, like modular homes they are considered Green
because of the relatively short amount of time required to build.  Structural Insulated Panels also provide
energy-efficient buildings.
If you are interested in learning about Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPS) or finding a builder that specializes in
homes using SIPS technology, check out the page for your state.   
If you are a builder specializing in the use of Structural Insulated Panels contact and
supply your company website and a brief description along with the states that you build SIPS homes in.
Log Homes  -  check out  featured log home builder
Lookout Mountain Log Homes & Builders LLC
If you are looking for information on log homes, log home construction or log home mortgages,
there is an informational section for consumers.  This section also contains a page for each state
where you can find a local log home builder.  If you are a builder of log homes or a mortgage
broker that specializes in mortgages for log homes you can submit your information to  Provide a link to your website and a brief description of your log
home company.
Land For Sale
If you need a home site for your modular home has a section that lists land
for sale sorted by state.  If you have land for sale by owner or are a real estate company feel free
to submit a link to your land website or where your for sale by owner land can be viewed.
Green Building
One of the most talked about trends in building today is Green Building.  Modular homes, in the
way they are constructed are inherently green.  Modular homes are built in large part in a
controlled environment, which leads to less waste of materials.  Another favorable feature of
modular homes is that since most of the construction takes place in the factory, modular homes
take less time to complete once they are delivered to the home site.  This leads to less theft, less
cost overruns, and less delays due to weather than traditional stick built homes.  The Green
Building section of this site features articles and links to Green Building organizations.  

What is a Custom Modular Home ?

A couple of the benefits often cited about modular homes are the fact that they can be built quickly and less
expensive than other building methods.   Many people believe that since modular homes are built in a factory
they are all very similar, nondescript box shaped homes with very few options available to the buyer.  This is
simply not the case.  Custom modular homes are now available by all manufacturers to some degree, and some
companies now work with the buyer and an in-house designer to help draw up their dream home.  While a
custom modular home of this kind will certainly cost more than a modular home that you choose out of a catalog
from the manufacturer, the fact that the house will be constructed in large part in the factory under optimal
conditions should still save some money by eliminating the extra waste that occurs in site building.  

In addition to the complete customization of your modular home, there are other ways you can make your home
a custom modular home that will not increase your costs as much.  For example, most manufacturers allow
customers to "flip" a floor plan in many of their models either for free or for a relatively modest amount.  Flipping
a floor plan simply means that in some cases you could take a plan and build your house to the mirror image of
the original.  (In other words the master bedroom would be on the left when you walk in instead of the right,
etc.).   It is also possible to add or remove a wall in some cases.  So if you had a kitchen with a wall separated
from the living room and you wanted to open it up so that you could watch tv while cooking, this could  be done
by the builder.  In cases like this, it could cost a couple thousand dollars to make your modular into a custom
modular home, because the engineer would have to adjust the plans and determine whether the changes you
would like to make would affect the structural stability of the house.  The general rule is that if you would like to
customize a modular home you can usually make adjustments to walls as long as the walls are not marriage
points in the home.  
Some Modular homes terms
Modular Log Homes

What is a Modular Log Home ?

increase in people inquiring about companies that offer a
Modular Log Home.   In the past, the
term modular home and log home were two separate things.  A modular home is a home that is
largely built in a factory environment and placed on a permanent foundation on the buyer's land.  
Log homes were generally sets of logs that were kiln dried and prepared, then shipped to the job
site where a builder would connect them and complete the home.  In some cases, the logs were sold
in kits that would be shipped to the buyer's land, where the home buyer would complete the work.  

With the increase in popularity of modular homes and the focus on green building, some companies
now offer Modular Log Homes.  A modular log home is usually a log home that is put together in
sections or modules in a factory environment.  The modules are then transported to the home site
and dropped on a permanent foundation to create a Modular Log Home.  There are also some
companies that advertise modular log homes or modular log cabins which are actually modular
homes that are constructed in a factory and delivered to a job site, then log siding is put on the
house so that it appears to be a log cabin.  Either one of these definitions of modular log homes is
considered to be the same as any site built home and financing should be treated the same.  Here is
some information on
modular log homes
Concrete Modular Homes?
Concrete Modular homes may be a very popular option in the future.  They are already becoming more common in
Florida and Mississippi's Gulf coast.  Check out this article to see how Concrete Modular homes are likely to be a
popular home choice because they are both energy-efficient and sturdy.
Modular Home Construction
Modular homes are built in sections about the size of the trailer part of a tractor trailer.
Modular home construction occurs in a large indoor factory on assembly lines. The sections are moved from
station to station within the factory on a track.  Building inspectors supervise the construction and ensure that all
building codes are adhered to during construction.   Construction of the building and the site work can be
completed simultaneously, reducing the overall construction time by as much as 50%.  The completed modules
are trucked to the site and put in place.  Once assembled, modular buildings are essentially indistinguishable
from typical site-built homes.  While mobile homes decrease in value over time, a well-built modular home should
increase in value over time.
Modular Home Builders Directory and Resources
Timber Frame Homes
Read about the history and benefits of Timber Frame home building and find links to timber
Modular Homes with SIPS features sections on Modular Homes and manufacturers and builders of homes using
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).  Both building methods have been shown to produce homes that are
economical and energy-efficient, but until recently we have considered each separately.  This article shows that
some manufacturers have combined both technologies to build modular homes that utilize SIPS in the walls and
roofs of their line of homes.  

Find a builder for your Modular Home

Modular Home Prices
When shopping for a modular home you will probably have many questions to ask the
builders or sales people you meet.  Generally, people in the modular home industry are
very eager to tell you all of the features and benefits in their line of modular homes.  

Most will have a general enthusiasm regarding modular homes in general.  However, one
question that it is often very hard to get a set answer about is the price of a particular
modular home.  

The reason most builders are reluctant to commit to a price until the final details are
worked out in a sale is because there are many variables.  Most of today's modular
homes can be customized to a great extent and this results in a large variance in modular
home prices.

In addition, modular home pricing is tied into factors such as fuel prices because the
home will be delivered from the factory to the home site.  

So although a major benefit of modular homes is the limited number of overruns because
less time is spent on the job site, a spike in fuel prices can result in a difference in price in
your modular home.  For these reasons, builders tend to try not to lock in a price until the
project is close to getting started.
Check out these tips on
Modular Home Pricing
Shipping Container Homes
One of the more recent trends in modular building is using new or used shipping containers
to build modular homes.  They can be customized and can come in all shapes and sizes.  
Check out some information on Modular homes that utilize shipping containers.










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