Why choose a green modular home?

Choosing a green modular home could be one of the most important
decisions you will ever make. While it might be a good financial solution
for you to buy a traditional, on-site home, let me explain here about why a
modular one would be a better option.

You should know that by choosing a green modular home for your family,
you’re actually enjoying both health and environmental benefits while getting
a great deal for your money.

Here are the benefits in detail:

1. Savings – Since your green home is also modular, meaning it is
factory-built, you’re making quite a lot of savings. Modular homes are always
built by pre-determining the amount of materials needed; so, the builder
doesn’t buy them in excess. You also save a ton of dough by way of
contractor fees.

All this accounts for a much reduced price tag which is essentially one of the
green modular home’s strongest selling points.

2. Time – Unlike an on-site home, your modular construction is manufactured
in different parts simultaneously; so, you have a much shorter build time.
Even very large homes can be manufactured in less than sixty days.
The assembly should take another month or so. Putting all of this together,
you’ve just saved many months of construction.

3. Decreased indoor pollution – Mainly aimed at being an eco-friendly little
brick, green modular homes have features that greatly help prevent harmful
toxins and gases from staying indoors. That’s some fresh air for the family.

4. Energy conservation – Many green modular homes today come with solar
and wind power harnessing facilities which can be used to power the entire
house. Installations are also made to facilitate reuse and minimized usage of
water. These will, needless to say, reduce energy and water bills considerably.

5. Build precision – Since these homes are manufactured in factories, their
architecture is always of a high level. Thus, your house is built to last for a
long time, maintaining its quality for years to come; this keeps resale value

Also, green modular homes are checked for issues thoroughly in the factory
itself before they are shipped to you so you don’t have to worry about post-build

6. Legally safe – Modular homes, as opposed to manufactured homes, are
built in compliance with your local legal codes. Manufactured homes, on the
other hand, follow the code laid by national authorities, in which case, there’s
the chance of crossing a local law or two. But modular homes are inspected
and verified for legal compliance so you’re fully covered there.

With all that said, the only major concern with green modular homes is that
people tend to look at them as boring old boxes which aren’t interesting or
unique. This is solved by choosing a builder that will allow you to specify
and design your own home as you wish.

Sometimes, there’s also the slight problem of financing a green modular home.
Since they are relatively new to the building scene, there’s the chance that a
bank will hesitate to finance your home as highly as it would a regular home.
Again, modular homes are gaining popularity so fast that banks are
beginning to treat them with increasing kindness.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a new house, green modular homes shouldn’t
be something you can afford to overlook as an option. The fact remains that
only you can tell which type of a house is best for you but you also have the
responsibility to choose wisely.

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