If you are looking for a bargain in a brand new custom Green home you may not have to
look any farther than your local High School or Technical College.   

As I was searching the scouring the internet for information on trends
in modular home building, modular homes for sale and other related topics, I discovered
a logical, yet disheartening trend.  For many years now, High School Technical School
Programs, Community Colleges and Universities, have offered a very rewarding hands
on experience for students in the Building Trades and Construction programs in which the
students partake in a year long (sometimes 2 years) project of building a house.  

The house is usually completed near the end of the spring semester,
at which time the school puts the house up for sale or at auction to recoup the money
they spent on materials and maybe make a little profit.  The proceeds of the sale is then
used to fund the building
project for the next group of students.  And so it goes on from year
to year.  

This is how it works in an ideal situation.  However, what I found as I did a little research
was that in the past few years as the economy and the housing market in particular
began to weaken, it became much harder to just build a house and have people line up
waiting to buy it.  With the shrinking number of buyers and increased number of
inexpensive houses available due an increase in  foreclosures.  There were some
schools that still were able to sell their project houses at a profit.

But there were many other instances of schools that did not get the minimum bid
required to break even on the house or sold the home
at a loss in a no reserve auction.  Other schools had their student built modular home
sitting on the lot waiting to be purchased for over a year.

The result was some high schools and technical colleges were forced to discontinue or
alter their Construction Program.  So instead of students getting valuable experience
completing all the varied tasks involved in building a modular home, they only had the
option of taking cabinet making, or some other more limited course.  

In addition, we strongly believe that continuing programs that allow students to be
exposed to the entire process of building a home is beneficial to the students
themselves, as well as the community.  

The sense of accomplishment that is felt by the team of students when they complete a
house is something that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.   

So it appears that the reason that some of the houses are not being sold in a timely
manner in order to keep the programs going is simply that there is an information gap.

The student built homes offer an opportunity for a prospective buyer to get a quality
home at a price that is still less than full retail, while benefiting the students by supplying
the school with needed cash to buy materials for the next home.

But because the housing market is soft and there are less potential buyers and the
economy in general is struggling, leaving schools with limited or no funds to invest in
advertising to get the word out to consumers that these exceptionally priced houses are
available, the houses go unsold or do not bring back enough money to cover the costs
and pay for materials for the next project.  

In an effort to close this gap in a way that doesn't cost any money to the schools that
offer these student built modular homes (actually any student built home is eligible even
if it isn't considered modular), we are building a section on this website to promote all of
the available student built project homes that are for sale or that will be for sale in the
coming year.

We will begin by listing a link to every student built home we can find in a calendar
format, so you can see the homes that require bids the soonest.  There are different
methods used by schools to sell the houses but for example a typical sale takes place in
the form of a Sealed Bid auction with sealed bids being taken up until a certain date and
time.  The bids are then opened at that time or reviewed and opened a couple days

No matter which method is used for the sale of a student built home, we encourage all
schools that have a home built by students as part of a Construction Project that is being
offered for sale to contact admin@modularresource.com and supply the necessary
details so we can list your home on modularresource.com and provide free exposure for
your sale.  

By creating a space on this website where all of the student built homes can be listed
together, the result will be that consumers most interested and likely to buy a home like
this will be able to see the homes available and hopefully find a home in the area they
live in or would like to live in that fits their needs.  
The beautiful home built by students at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology
received multiple bids and the school board has decided to accept a bid and
will be selling the house.  To everyone who was interested in the house, you
will be happy to know that since this house will be sold, the school plans to
build another one for the 2011-2012 school year.  Thanks for your interest.

We will continue to find similar deals to promote on this page of the
website.  If your school has a program like this and would like to help get
the word out about your house, contact   admin@modularresource.com and
we will gladly promote the sale for free.

Modular home built by students to be auctioned -  sold!
modular home built by students
Modular Homes built by Students for Sale
Somerset County Technology Center
2018 Modular home is now for sale.  Check out the details and
bid package.

Milaca (Minnesota) Public Schools
Students from this school have been building houses for the last
38 years.  Bids are now being accepted for the 2019-20 house
until 1PM May 2, 2019.  The interesting thing about this one is
that they have not built it yet so the winning bidder has some
choices in how they would like to customize it.










Update - Since this was written, most of the homes mentioned here have sold and the economy has gone up
and down.  
The great news is that there are still schools running these programs where students get the hands on
experience building a real home.  I'll try to post more of these opportunities to get a great deal on a modular
home, while supporting a great program.
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