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Modular resource was born in June of 2006 when a local modular home builder was looking for advertising
help and hooked up with a self-taught internet marketer  to  promote his homes.  I was that internet
marketer.   From the first meeting with the builder until now, I have learned more about modular homes than
I ever would have imagined.

The first thing I noticed was that even as the housing market was slowing down there was definitely a
growing interest in modular homes.  That’s not to say there wasn’t a large amount of skepticism by
uninformed consumers.  It is amazing at how many people still do not understand the difference between a
modular home and a trailer or manufactured home that is not on a permanent foundation.  But there is
definitely an increasing  understanding, especially among people educated in fields such as engineering
that modular homes can be built every bit as durable and energy-efficient as traditional stick built houses.
(in many cases modular homes are better constructed).  

The next thing I noticed was that the internet is a very big place, and not everyone pays full attention to
details.  This became apparent when I advertised homes on the internet for a local builder that could custom
build modular homes in a couple states.  Generally modular builders work with a couple modular home
manufacturers and cover an area of 1-2 states.  This is probably because building codes differ by state and
builders must be licensed in each state in which they build.  Despite this fact, when I began advertising
modular homes that could be custom built, we would get questions from people all over the United States
(and once in a while Canada) asking if these homes could be built on their land.  I’m usually pretty polite and
eager to help anyone who asks for it so when I would receive a request like this I would usually become
curious and use my internet research skills to find websites of modular home builders or companies with
land for sale in the area they wanted to build in and pass the links along to them.  I would save the links on
my favorites tab of my web browser so I could refer back to them later.  

After a few months I had dozens of links on my favorites tab related to modular homes, land, log homes and
other related items that people had asked about.  That is when I decided to build www.modularresource.
com  as a free informational site, which includes a directory where people can locate websites of modular
home builders, land for sale to build modular homes on, etc.  That way if I was advertising a former model
home for sale by a modular home builder in Minnesota and they asked whether the builder could move the
home to Birmingham Alabama I could tell them that it would not be cost effective, but point them to a website
that would help them locate modular home builders and other resources in their area of the country.

As time went on and my own interest in modular homes and other related topics such as Green Building
grew, I added more and more links to the point where every state in the U.S. has at least 2 or 3 links to
some useful information in each of the categories.  

I also noticed in my research that there are a few other websites that provide similar information to
consumers.  I have designed this website slightly different than most of them based on my own personal
preferences.  Personally, when I am gathering information on the internet for a future purchase I like to be
somewhat anonymous so I’m not bothered by salespeople until I am ready to ask for help.  What I noticed
about some of the other informational sites relating to modular homes is that to get any real information you
are required to fill out a form or get some kind of a membership (sometimes you even have to pay for a
membership). is nothing like that.  You can come to this website any time you
want and look at the information for free and not be asked about any of your personal information.  I try to
add fresh information frequently so if you haven’t looked through the pages of the site lately you may want
to take another look and see what new companies may have been added in your area.

Enjoy the site!
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