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When shopping for a modular home you will probably have many questions to ask the
builders or sales people you meet.  Generally, people in the modular home industry are
very eager to tell you all of the features and benefits in their line of modular homes.  Most
will have a general enthusiasm regarding modular homes in general.  However, one
question that it is often very hard to get a set answer about is the price of a particular
modular home.  
The reason most builders are reluctant to commit to a price until the final details are worked
out in a sale is because there are many variables.  Most of today's modular homes can be
customized to a great extent and this results in a large variance in modular home prices.  In
addition, modular home pricing is tied into factors such as fuel prices because the home will
be delivered from the factory to the home site.  So although a major benefit of modular
homes is the limited number of overruns because less time is spent on the job site, a spike
in fuel prices can result in a difference in price in your modular home.  For these reasons,
builders tend to try not to lock in a price until the project is close to getting started.  For
some articles related to modular home pricing, see below.

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