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    Modular homes are houses in which the majority of the building takes place in a manufacturing plant.  The house may consist of one or more parts or
modules that are then transported from the factory to a lot where they are placed on a permanent foundation, then the remaining work is completed at
the site.  Modular homes are constructed to adhere to all state and local building codes, just like any site built home.  They are considered "Green"
because homes built in a factory environment result in less wasted materials and resources than homes built entirely on site.  

Until now, focused primarily on providing links and information about local modular home builders in the United States, as opposed
to the manufacturers of the homes.  This new section will provide information about Modular Home Manufacturers, as well as links to the manufacturers
websites and a special section focusing on a Featured Modular Home Manufacturer.  Like everything on this website, this section will be a work in
progress that will be updated periodically as new information and interesting websites become available.  (on a related note, we have been compiling a
large database of additional modular home builders websites and will be adding them to the individual state pages to provide many more links for
consumers to check out in each state.)

The links shown on this page are websites of modular home manufacturers throughout the United States.  They generally contain good information
about what materials that company uses, some or all of the plans that are available, a history of the company and usually some pictures of completed
homes.  To be honest, some modular home manufacturers websites are very helpful and some are not.  Some have an easy to locate list of
independent builders that offer their product and some do not.  That is why the modular home builder listings in this website are a great resource-they
make it easy to find builders that are licensed in the state you are planning to build in.  But even if you cannot find a list of builders for a particular
manufacturer that you like you can always contact that manufacturer and they are usually glad to give you the contact information for builders that use
their products in your area.  Hopefully you will find the links on this page a valuable resource in your quest to learn more about modular home building
and perhaps find the manufacturer for your dream house.     
Modular Home Manufacturers
About Modular Home Manufacturers
Commodore Homes

East Goshen, Indiana manufacturer of
modular homes with lots of customization

Modular Homes - Builders

Modular Manufacturers

Panelized Homes (SIPS)

SIPS Manufacturers

Log Homes

Concrete Homes (ICF)

Timber Frame Homes

Land For Sale

Modular Log Homes

Green Building

Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Calculators

Student Built Modular Homes

Modular Homes Free Info-Blog

Pre Owned Modular Homes

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Somers Point, New Jersey manufacturer.  
Tons of floor plans from different models.
Design Homes Inc.

Wisconsin company sells factory direct
modular homes.  Factory tours, as well
as model homes at 18 different locations
in the midwest.
Custom Modular Designs

Cranston, Rhode Island company builds
the highest quality Modular Homes.  
Check out plans and specials on website.
A Large directory of links to Modular Home Manufacturers throughout the
United States.
Handcrafted Homes

Located in Henderson, NC.  Manufacturing
modular homes for independent builders in
the southeast.
Future Home Technology

New Custom Modular Homes built to meet your
design.  Factory is located in Port Jervis, NY.
Champion Homes

York, Nebraska manufacturer of homes that are
sold through independent builders all over the US
Genesis Homes

Modular home manufacturer with factory
locations around the United States.
Professional Building Systems

Middleburg, Pennsylvania Modular home
Pleasant Valley Modular Homes

A manufacturing facility that offers a full line of
high quality modular homes.
EcoClassic Homes

Atlanta, Georgia manufacturer of modular
homes and communities that focus on
Oak Creek Homes

Leading Modular home manufacturers in

New York Modular Home Manufacturer.  Serving
the northeast.
Structural Modulars, Inc.

A manufacturer of modular homes in Strattanville,
PA that works with independent builders
See below this article for Many more links to
Modular Home Manufacturers!
Supreme Modular

New Jersey full service modular home
company that does design and engineering,
manufacturing and construction.
All American Homes

Elkhart, Indiana company that has some
unique plans, including a collection of Smart
Custom Building Systems

Middleburg, Pennsylvania manufacturer that
provides housing to a large area.  Plant tours
Destiny Industries

Moultrie, GA manufacturer of Modular, as
well as HUD homes.
Dutch Housing

Indiana manufacturer of modular and
manufactured homes.
Hi Tech Housing Inc.

State of the art manufacturers of custom
modular and manufactured homes.
R-Anell Homes

Has manufactured custom modular homes
since 1972.  Located in Cherryville, North
Marlette Homes

Hundreds of customizable homes with a
focus on modern design and quality
Haven Homes

Modular home manufacturing company
based in MD, with the homes being built in
their factory in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.
Crestline Custom Builders

Laurinburg, NC company with two plants
producing modular homes.  Builders of
Crestline homes are primarily in North
Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, eastern
Tennessee and Georgia
General Housing Corporation

Manufactures modular homes in Bay City,
Michigan for independent builders
throughout the area.
Evolution Building Systems
Navasota, Texas Manufacturers of
Modular homes.  Features several
different brands.