Custom Modular Homes in California
Cutting Edge Homes, Inc. (CEH) sells custom homes built at an off-site location
to California homebuyers. CEH offers project services and completed homes
using the latest in efficient component building techniques, providing significant
cost savings over a home built at a building site.  

CA Modular Homes and custom renovations
Selvig Development utilizes modular construction to save time and money on
your new home in California.

Sustainable Prefab Homes
Connect-Homes has some interesting custom prefab homes of all shapes and
sizes.  Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Modular Lifestyles
Builders of Energy Star Certified modular homes, with offices in northern and
southern California.

Coastal Home Solutions
Prunedale, CA company  that helps you build a customizable home while saving
time and money.  Featuring Fuqua Modular Homes.
                                 California Modular Homes

Modular Homes in California are a great alternative to site built homes.  But you need to do some
research first.  Modular Homes have been popular on the east coast for years but in my experience
California has been slower to warm up to the Modular Building process.

Mortgage lenders in California were less likely to be educated as to the difference between
modular homes and mobile or manufactured homes, therefore it was more difficult to find a lender.  
There are many possible reasons for this.  One possible reason is the wording in the California
Housing Codes uses the word "Prefab" more than the word "Modular" and this could possibly affect
the perception people have regarding Modular Homes.

Whatever the reason, California Modular Homes have started to become more prevalent in just the
last few years as the word has spread that Modular Homes can save time and money and provide
superior quality.  A good article about modular homes in California was written in the San Francisco
Chronicle a couple years ago.  
Modular Homes - How They Stack Up .  The article tells of an
industrial engineer who bought a 6,000 square foot Modular Home to be built on her lot.  She gives
some good information about the benefits and obstacles of building a modular home in California.  I
was very surprised that the company that manufactured her home was in Nebraska.

It is very unusual to purchase a modular home from a company that is that far away.  In her
explanation, she notes that since labor in the San Francisco area is much more expensive than
labor in Nebraska the cost of transporting the home was offset and she was still able to buy a
modular home for $250 per square foot, when the going rate in the area was $300-400.  

California Modular Home Builders

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Just a quick update the article below, which was written a few years ago.  Since then modular
homes have become much more common in California and there are more builders using this kind
of construction.  This is great news for people interested in modular homes.  Since modular
homes are built to conform with the codes of the state they are placed in, the more builders in an
area, the more likely modular home manufacturers are to become certified to build for that state.
GBO Homes
This San Diego, California company creates beautiful unique houses at
affordable prices using Caro Containers.  These containers are completely
scalable.  They have done a house that is 320 square feet and another one that
uses 6 shipping containers and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.  Check out their
finished projects in San Diego.