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Lookout Mountain Log Homes & Builders, LLC
     Lookout Mountain Log Homes & Builders, LLC are
Alabama's Premier log home builder.  Based in
Birmingham, Alabama, they have been building log
homes for over 18 years in the southeast and in several
states up and down the east coast from Pennsylvania to
Florida. Lookout Mountain Log Homes and Builders
provide a variety of services that range from the sale of log
home kits to complete turnkey solutions.  Services
include, but are not limited to pre-design, site visits,
estimates, renovations, additions, and complete custom
home sales, design, and construction.

 They have built and designed log homes through several
different log home companies and have built some of the
most beautiful log homes in Alabama acting as an
independent representative of Real Log Homes.  When
you take a look at their website, it is easy to see that
Lookout Mountain Log Homes & Builders owner Derek
Freeman is a man who takes pride in his work.  The
website contains dozens of photos of log homes that the
company has built in the past and encourages potential
customers to ask for references from past customers.  
Derek Freeman
Lookout Mountain Log Homes & Builders, LLC
Mentone - Birmingham - Savannah

3935 7th Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone/Fax (256) 305-1176

Visit us online at
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