Modular Log Homes

The modular log home has become an interesting idea to many people who
love the look of a log cabin home, but also appreciate the benefits of building
a modular log home.  Building modular is a popular option because this waste
associated with site built construction.  Modular construction also helps to
eliminate the problem of leakage sometimes found in log homes that are built
on site.  
The companies below are manufacturers and builders that offer Modular log
Homes either exclusively or at least as one of their services.  
Modular log homes in North Hollywood, CA -
Lang Creek Log Homes has site built log homes
as well as an affordable modular log home.

Modular Log Homes - Pine Tree Homes is an
Exclusive dealer of MSI  Modular Structures of PA.  

Modular Log Cabins - Alan's Factory Outlet
builds Modular, Prefab log homes for delivery to
Blue Ridge Modular Log Cabin homes - Blue
Ridge Modular log homes build beautiful log cabins
faster by completing most of the construction in a
controlled environment.

Mountain Recreation Log Cabins - Western NC
company builds custom Modular log homes.

Country Park Homes and Cabins - Franklin,
North Carolina builders of Modular log homes and
Park model cabins.

Lantz Modular Log Homes - Harrisburg, PA
company has several different floor plans.

A Plus Modular Log Homes - Central
Pennsylvania manufacturers of Modular log homes.

Star Log Cabins -  modular log home builders
utilizing Wisconsin white pine logs.

Lake Front Log Cabins - modular cabins pre-built
by Kentucky Amish.  Models located in Kentucky,
Lake Tahoe, Idaho
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Modular log Home Companies
Catskill Mountain Cabins -   Amish Built quality
modular log cabin homes throughout New York State
and the northeast US.

Mini Cabins to Go - Custom Park Model & Modular
Log Cabins.  Located in Mooresville, NC