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                           Log Homes

 Log homes have been around in the United States for hundreds of years.  
They became important in the expansion westward as settlers who moved to
the plains states needed a quick and inexpensive way to set up their new
home and begin to live the American Dream.  Today log homes are still very
homes many people are building beautiful, luxurious modern log homes.  Log
homes.  Log Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and many different forms
of construction are used in the building of log homes.

  Today, many companies are now manufacturing Modular Log Homes.  
These log homes are partly put together in a factory environment and
brought to the home site in sections.  Other log homes are built on site but
different methods may be used.  Some log homes are built with handcrafted
logs and others are now built with milled logs that are run through a machine
to make them consistent in size and appearance.
If you are a builder of log homes or a mortgage broker that specializes in
mortgages for log homes you can submit your information to
admin@modularresource.com.  Provide a link to your website and a brief
description of your log home company.
Marketplace For Log Homes - ibuyloghomes.com is a
great resource for finding previously built log homes, log
home builders, log home shows and more.
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Yukon Territory
This is a new section featuring log home builders in Canada.  It is a work in progress,
but soon we hope to have a large list of log home builders that build log homes
throughout Canada.
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