Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are manufactured
throughout North America and distributed through various
channels to builders and construction companies.  Sometimes
builders are ICF specialists and install the forms and other times
they hire certified ICF installers to complete the walls and any
other portion of the house that utilizes concrete forms.  

The Concrete Homes tab on this website links you to a menu that
allows you to find builders in your state that specialize in building
homes with ICFs.  This page provides listings below for
Manufacturers of Insulated Concrete Forms throughout the U.S.
and Canada.
ICF Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Insulated Concrete Forms
BuildBlock Building Systems

headquartered in Oklahoma has several ICF manufacturing
facilities throughout the United States.

Celblox Insulated Concrete Forms

manufacturing for the ICF industry for over 20 years.
Fox Blocks

Omaha, Nebraska manufacturer of numerous industrial
strength ICF products.

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

Logix is a manufacturer of energy efficient ICFs available in
your choice of thickness.


Manufactures insulated concrete forms that create solid, steel
reinforced wall systems.

Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System

Easy assembling Green wall system provides better insulation
and energy-efficiency.
ICF Manufacturers

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