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Green  Careers
The Green Building revolution is expanding so quickly that there is a big
demand for recent graduates and professionals of almost all fields who have an
interest in being "Green".  In my research I have found the term "Green Collar
Jobs" used more than once as a way to describe these positions.  Many are jobs
working for the federal or state government and non-profit organizations.  There
are also plenty of Green Collar jobs in the private sector, in different industries.  
People of all educational and technical backgrounds can benefit from becoming
aware of the green trend that is taking place in the world. For example,
someone with an economic background may find his or her niche in a position
that involves analyzing data to determine which Green policies or methods of
construction have the greatest impact on the environment.  There are unlimited
possibilities in this exciting new industry.  For a look at some Green careers that
may interest you, check out the links below.  We have also added a job listing
board that will show new Green positions as they open up.  And if you are an
employer looking for new candidates in any field who share your company's
interest in seeing a greener future for everyone, you can list your openings here
to get a great targeted audience.
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