California Green Building Programs, Groups, etc.

California Straw Building Association
Non-profit organization who's mission is to"...further the
practice of straw building by exchanging current
information and practical experience, promoting and
conducting research and testing, and making that body of
knowledge available to working professionals and the
public at large."

County of San Diego Green Building Program
The Green Building Program is concerned with protecting
the environment and encouraging homeowners and
builders to build using environmentally sound practices.
These programs are in line with the County�s Strategic
Plan which has established goals of safeguarding our
environment and quality of life and encouraging
responsible development.

Green Building in Alameda County
Organization formed by in Alameda County,

California Green Builder Program
The California Green Builder program (CGB) is the
effective and cost-effective green building program for
production builders and California homebuyers. Created
by homebuilders for homebuilders, the voluntary program
meets the needs of builders, buyers, and California’s cities
and counties alike.

Santa Monica Green Building Program
Information both on what you must do and what you might
consider doing in order to achieve Santa Monica’s
standards of excellence in green building design and

Sierra Green Building Association
Great resource for finding Green Builders in California.  
Just check out the directory.

Green Affordable Housing Coalition
Bay area resources.

Riverside Green Builder
RGB is based on the California Green Builder Program
that is recognized by California Public Utilities Commission,
the California Energy Commission and California League
of Cities, and is the largest residential green builder
program in California.

City of San Jose    Green Building
The City of San José’s Green Building Policy establishes
sustainability as a City priority and further demonstrates
the City’s commitment to the environment.

Ecology Action
Santa Cruz Green Building Site Campaigin

Slo Green Build
Promotes Green Building in San Luis Obispo County,
California Green building
Green Resources

National Programs

State Programs

Glossary of Green

Green Mortgages

Green Careers
Free Money in California! - Cash Grants and
Rebates for going GREEN in California

City of Cosa Mesa - Permit Fee waivers and rebates
for green certifications.

Santa Monica Green Building Program- Offers
expedited permits for Green building as well as Green
Building Grants.

San Bernadino County - Tips  and rebate information
for building Green.

County of San Diego Green Building Program -
Green building incentives