Concrete Modular Homes
                            Concrete Modular Homes

A relatively new form of construction that has gotten some attention in the news is
the construction of Concrete Modular Homes.  Concrete Modular Homes are of
particular interest recently because of Hurricane Katrina and other storms that
have done significant damage in Florida and the Gulf Coast.  Royal Concrete
Concepts, a company out of Okeechobee FL,  has recently begun building "Storm-
Proof"  concrete modular homes in Gulfport, MS where many homes were
destroyed by hurricane winds.   They were also the first company to earn the
Fortified … for safer living’ designation from the Institute for Business & Homes
Safety (IBHS).
Concrete Modular Homes, a company in the Houston,TX area also builds Concrete
Modular Homes and claims to build the "World's Safest Home".  They have a video
on their website and good information on the manufacturing process.  Check them
out at .  
As we gather more information about concrete modular homes we will continue to
add to this page.  The fact that these homes are both energy-efficient and
structurally more sturdy than most other forms of building makes concrete modular
homes a very interesting option.

Update:  The Royal Concrete concepts website that we linked to apparently is no
longer up, but the company still seems to be around and may be around.  
However, since this page was originally added, I have found some other
companies offering concrete modular homes.  They have been added below.
Insulated Concrete Forms
Concrete Modular Home Builders
RW Global Precast Modular Housing - durable, sustainable
housing made from precast concrete.

Concrete Building Concepts - Disaster resistant,
energy-efficient concrete homes.

Precast concrete homes can provide storm resistant homes that
are durable and energy efficient.  The modular building process
makes them safer and faster to produce.

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Montero Concrete Homes
Florida-based company uses "machine form technology" to build
homes capable of withstanding cat 5 hurricane force winds.  The
building technique differs from most companies because they
pour a concrete roof that is integrated with the main structure.  
So the common problem of the roof blowing off of a house during
a strong hurricane or tornado is addressed to make the house
much safer.